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Hi Randy!
I am somewhat of an inventor and for a device that i am working to create, i need
To find an instrument that measures the volume displacement of water in a small tank. In a nutshell i need to be able to drop objects into the tank and have the instrument (hopefully digitally) tell me the amount of water displaced by the object. I am hoping to find something with the capability to measure in small increments, although they do not need to be super accurate micro increments. Do you know where i could find or search for a device like this?

It sounds like your application needs a simple, cheap, digital readout sensor to measure water level in a small-ish vessel (bucket). Water level can of course be related to water volume displaced by a submerged object (Archimedes lives!). I don't know of a handy sensor off hand but a quicklook at the web produced some leads.

This first links are very good at summarizing the different ways you can measure water level/volume.

The next 2 show simple sensors that might be useful. The first device can be attached to a bottle to measure a "critical" level, which unfortunately probably means it only detects whether the water is at a certain level or not; you need a continuous meaurement. The 2nd is very cool in that you only have to put the bottle on a pad to weigh it (then calculate volume given water density); would need to weigh object beforehand, of course, to  determine equivalent volume of water.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways, and probably solutions, to measure the water volume you need. If you are handy at simple electronics, the possibilities open up since you can just get a transducer and display separately.

BTW, in oceanography, depth (10s to 100s of meters) is measured using pressure sensors and the fact that (1/10)bar = 1 meter depth.




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