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Oceanography/Why couldn't Columbus catch fish?


Hello, I was watching some movie about Christopher Columbus and the voyage when he discovered America. Greatest fear of sailors on those ships and those times in general seemed to be that they won't have enough rations to go back if they don't find land but why was that such a problem? Why couldn't they catch some fish and collect rain to drink? Was that not enough? I know that most fish live among coral reefs but is it so scarce in open sea that it's not enough?
I know that Thor Heyerdahl was living on rain water and flying fish, but that was far smaller ship.

You can't remain healthy for long on a diet of fish and water - no carbohydrates, missing essential vitamins and minerals.

Thor Heyerdahl would not have last long on what he had on the raft; Columbus's crew had no idea how long they might be gone.

So, their fears were justified.


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