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Hi Randy, very simple question i think. What makes ocean water salty? Is there fresh water mixed with salty water in the ocean? If so, in what percentage?. Thank you!

Over the eons, salt has leached from the Earth's surface into the oceans. Because the oceans have no outlet, they form the ultimate repository for any materials dissolved in water as it flows downward from exposed land to the seas. When water evaporates from the ocean, only water itself (H2O in the form of a gaseous vapor) is released into the atmosphere. This airborne water returns to the surface via precipitation which then again washes salts down to the ocean.

The average percentage of salt in the ocean is around 3.5%, which is 3.5 parts per hundred. Oceanographers actually measure salinity in units of parts per thousand, so the average is about 35 parts per thousand, written as 35o/oo.


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