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QUESTION: What can be causing an odor in my living room?  It smells like dirt from the garden.  Started about a month ago.  I had the carpeting cleaned the other day, but it didn't seem to help.  Every so often I get a whiff of a dirty smell from the outside.  The smell is similar to when it just begins to rain and the ground emits an odor like the earth.  This is hard for me to explain. It is not a mold smell.  I think I would know that smell since I'm highly allergic to it.
I would like to call in an expert, but I don't know who or what kind of expert.  This is driving me crazy and I hope you can steer me in the right direction.
Thanx !!

ANSWER: Barbara,

I don't have quite enough information here.

What has changed in your household just before this smell began to appear?

Do you have dog or had one visit you recently?

What part of the country are you living (state only)

Do you live in a city, suburb or the country?

The answers to these questions should give me enough info to answer your question

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This is not a question, but an answer to the mystery smell in my living room. The core pillows (foam rubber)on my sofa have a pillow of down feathers which the core is encased in.  It seems the feathers have broken down, possibly because they were not sanitized properly in the first place.
I finally realized this after sitting on the sofa each time.  That was when I would get a whiff of the bad odor.
This could be helpful to people who have feather down pillows in their sofa cushions.  I understand this is a common problem, and those cores should be changed every two or three years.
The manufacturer warranties the product.  However, I would have to pay for the freight.  I didn't accept the new cores because I feel the pillow covers still have the bacteria on them, and this sofa is no longer fit for anyone to sit on.  Not with that bacteria on it !!

Wow! that is very interesting.  If you are sure you are dealing with a bacterial issue We can deal with that pretty easily.

Chlorine dioxide is a gas that when applied at low levels can and does kill mold, mildew, spores, bacteria and viruses. Because of it unpleasant properties when accumulated in high concentrations (greater than 10% in air) and its relatively short half life of several days, CLO2 (chlorine dioxide) can not be purchase as CLO2. It is available in a special reactor packet with the components that make CLO2 gas inside. When the reactor packet is exposed to 40% relative humidity, the reaction starts and produces low levels (.003 to .01 PPM) for 20 to 30 days. This level is safe for 24/7 exposure to humans, pets and plants.

You may want to remove the pillow covers and treat the covers seperatly from the pillow cores but all can be treated with the CLO2. There are several references to using this product at the OdorXit Website that you might find helpful.  

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