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When I enter our master bathroom I can smell a foul oder.  This morning I got down on the floor and got a smell from the drain,  smells like sewer gas.  What can I do for this.  Sometimes the water in the sink also has an order.  Thank you.

Drain brush example
Drain brush example  

Normally sewer gas inside a house is a result of the water evaporating out of the P traps in the sink or shower drain, however, since these drains are in your master bathroom this is unlikely the problem.

Being in Florida it is possible that you soil pipe vent is clogged causing pressure to build up in the sewer line and push past the P traps.  If you hear gurgling in the drains occasionally this is very likely to be the problem.

Further if your house is built on a concrete slab, there is a possibility that the P trap (which is in or under that slab in your shower) may be leaking so that the water does not stay in the trap. (very expensive to fix).

Finally, you may just have a build up of soap in the drain pipe above the P trap which needs to be cleaned out. There are 2 inch diameter brushes that are very long that can be used to clean the drain pipe in the shower to accomplish this unpleasant task. In order to do this cleaning, you must remove the grate that covers the drain. Sometimes they are secured with screws which can be very difficult to remove. Sometimes there are just clips that hole the grate in place, in which case the grate can pried out with a small screw driver. The included picture is an example of a 1.5 inch drain brush but I think you will get the idea.  

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