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So, a couple of days ago, I came home and there was a broccoli smell coming from the bedroom. Please note that no broccoli was cooked in the house for a couple weeks. I can't seem to figure out where the smell is coming from in my bedroom. My bed, small rug (the floor is hardword or that false hardwood stuff), and clothes all smell fine. I threw some in the laundry anyway and I washed my sheets earlier this month. (Will do again. But, I really don't think that they are the source.) I thought it was coming from my heater as the smell smells worse with it on. But, we cleaned it out and that doesn't seem to help. We are thinking it is the circulation of the air from the heater as airing out the room doesn't help either. Actually, that seems to make it worse. There is no mold in the room that we can see. Checked in the closet and around the window sill. I'm a clean person (like OCD). I don't eat or drink in my room. I really don't know where it is coming from. You expert opinion would be helpful. Oh, and I live in an apartment and my bedroom is next to the washroom. (Though, the smell is only in my room and not in the washroom.)




Living in an apartment that smells is often a result of what one or more of your neighbors are doing or have done in or to their apartment(s).

Broccoli odor (as far as I know) is produced only by cooking broccoli.
The fact that the odor is showing up in your bedroom, especially when the air handler is running is a pretty good "tell" that there is some kind of connection to one of the neighboring apartments via the air handling systems piping.
Hopefully you have a furnace/air handler that is dedicated to just your apartment.
If this is the case, your air handler may have been modified for some reason recently and the modification has caused this problem. Additionally a delivery pipe could have come apart and is leaking.
If you do not have a dedicated air handler for just your apartment, there is a much bigger problem that you may need a building inspector to look into.

I hope this has helped.

Martin Meyer, VP  

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