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The company that has acquired my lease from another company to produce in the east Texas Haynesville Shale completed multiple wells for my family with first production in January 2012.  First sale of gas according to drillinginfo was january 2012.  We have yet to get royalty payments.  My lease states that if payments of royalties do not commence within 90 days of the first sale of oil or gas the royalties are deemed delinquent.  The next clause states that if the payments remain delinquent for longer that 180 days then "such lease shall terminate as to all rights or ownership of lessee including rights to produce, etc." If in fact the first sales were made in january, that time is up according to my calculations.  The wells have procuced continuously with royalties owed of more than a miilion dollars.  What options are available.  Can the lease be renegotiated?  Does Production stop?  We finally got w-9 forms to sign 3 weeks ago but no division orders or no royalty checks. I am at a loss to understand why they would let it go so long.  They must know something that I don't know.  Thank you so much for your time.

Most states have statutes requiring companies to begin paying within six months of first production. Most states also require some sort of "penalty interest" to be paid on any sums deemed late as per statute (in Oklahoma it's as high as 12%)

Your lease may in fact "trump" any applicable statute however (check with an attorney.) At any rate, you'd have to take them to court to enforce the terms of your lease, and they're probably just betting that you either won't take them to court or that a judge would agree to give them a "reasonable" amount of time to pay you prior to ordering the lease cancelled.

It's likely they are just overwhelmed in their division order department and haven't gotten yours ready yet. I'd call them and see what the holdup is. Frankly, with the kind of income I'd just sit back and accrue any interest due by state statute. I've got at least two wells in that situation currently (i.e. well started producing more than six months ago but I haven't been paid or received a DO yet.)

As to whether your lease could be renegotiated or whether you could force them to stop production or not, that would be up to a judge to decide.

Hope this helps you out.
Frederick M. "Mick" Scott CMM RPL
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