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Oil/Gas/lubricant substitution


Dear Mr. Howes
i've got a question about lubricant substitution in general. i mean suppose that we have an engine or maybe a gearbox or any device which needs lubrication, the lubricant may be oil or grease. and here is the question... how can we find the equivalent of the current lubricant(oil or grease) & replace it?
is there any rule,formula or any book, instructive material for this job?
do we need oil/grease analysis? if so what factors are important in the report for finding equivalent?
prior thanks

Dear Saeed

Sorry for the long delay, problem with the computer on this end.
Regarding your lubricant substitution question.

First, because you can't really be sure the original product is the correct on to use in the application, you need to due a Lubrication Survey on that application(s).
Make, model and serial number on each piece of equipment, plus the environment that the operation is taking place within, humidity, ambient temperature, dust or blowing sand, etc.
Go to the manufacturer of that equipment and determine what lubricant(s) are recommended based on your previous research. Be sure to mention the environmental factors of operation.
Determine the API specifications of the recommended lubricant(s), and acquire their product data sheets from the lubricant Mfg. Refer to those sheets to determine if there is any mitigating factors regarding their usage within your operation. Negative interactions, out gassing under temperature, etc.
Have an oil analysis done on the existing lubricants being replaced. Look for any wear metals, breakdown of viscosity, oxidation, etc. You oil analysis lab should be able to advise you on any problems listed. This will enable you to determine whether there is any need for replacements within the equipment before you apply the new lubricant.
If at all possible, flush the oil system with the new product before going back into operation. Be absolutely sure that the new products will not have a bad interaction with the new. You can never tell what has been added to the system before you started your operations.
Have your operators monitor closely for at least 48 hours the new install to make sure all is well.
Always work closely with your chosen analysis lab and lubricant manufacturer. They know the products and can help you with any questions you may have.
Hope this helps, and again sorry for the delay.



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