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AusTexGuy wrote at 2013-02-02 13:59:09
There is a new and proven biodegradable( GREEN )production enhancement product about to hit the world oil market. It was developed by a team of scientists and engineers from Venezuela who were successful in increasing production on over 300 of PEDEVESA's marginal oil wells. The increases in production were substantial and as a result PEDEVESA attempted to nationalize the product and process. The group who developed this "surfactant" fled Venezuela and are now operating in Mexico and the U.S. where they are having mind boggling success! I was the first operator in the U.S. to give this group a well to work on and they took what was once a very marginal 1 bopd stripper well and increased production dramatically (9 bopd) sustained production. I was a huge skeptic at first however after seeing this product and very simple and economic process first hand I am now the largest supporter of this group. No heat, no fracking and no CO2 this process is beyond simple and results are off the charts!  


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READ THIS! Do NOT ask me questions about LEASING, MINERAL RIGHTS, ROYALTIES, POOLING, etc. I am not qualified to give accurate answers on these subjects. If you DO ask, I will NOT answer! I CAN help you understand the technology and equipment involved in drilling oil and gas wells on land or offshore and the production process after the well is drilled. I prepare the programs for the rigs that get oil and gas out of the ground and direct activities on the drill rig so questions concerning the engineering process and preparing drill sites and roads or marine transport are welcome, those concerning the legal process less so. I work with wells on land or offshore, U.S.A. or other countries. I can also answer environmental, regulatory and safety practices questions.


35 years working in the 'Patch' all over the world. I have drilled for oil & gas on land and water in the U.S.A, Brazil, Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Tunisia, England, British North Sea, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines. I have drilled in water depths up to 2000 meters and on land in desert and artic conditions. Some were in countries where environmental and safety concerns were non-existent and others when they were primary. I have certification for well control/blowout prevention, have attended water/helicopter/boat survival school and am certified for spill cleanup. I am currently working as a consultant for drilling projects and spend half my working time at the drill site and half in my office and most of my "off time" traveling between the two.

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