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First I wish to thank you for your assistance. I am seeking where to purchase ESSO PENOLED EP3 oil or other oils of the same grade. The oil I need requires a viscosity of approx. 145 c St/50 degrees C. Thankx again,


Hello Dennis

There is a lot more to choosing a lubricant other than viscosity index. However, A direct interchange for your Esso product would be either a,
Chevron Meropa 320 or,
Fuchs Renogear V320
The best bet is to go by the application and environmental issues with regards to the proper lubricant to best suit your needs.
Interchanges by product number are not always the best way to go.

Hope this helps


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William Hawk Howes


Sorry, I don't do leases, property claims, legal issues, or royalty questions. Just those issues listed below. Regarding: Heavy Duty Lubricants(HDMO), Passenger Car Lubricants(PCMO), Hydraulics, Greases, Gear OIls. Applications, Substitution, Constituants, and general knowldge of the aforementioned products. Not well versed in the actual manufacture of petrochemical products, but can answer general questions. I have a vast network of information sources within the Petrochemical Industry (Not too much on fuels). If I don`t know the answer, I can usually find one rather quickly. Except Royalty, mineral rights, etc. Questions, Sorry.


30 years in the oil industry as an Industrial Lubrication Specialist. Worked with, Union Oil Co., 76 Products Co, Chevron, Texaco, Fina, and some Castrol. Experienced in application of various types of Antifreeze and Coolants.
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