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ihave logs on a Edwards well that was drilled bya major,,they walked from it to develop their Eagle interest when their leases started exspireing ,,,couple of wells still have pipein them and are avail.,,,who would you recomend to contact,,

Hi Lester,
You did not say if your lease is expired. If it is not, they still have it and can drill or not, as they choose.
If it is expired do a phone book or web search for Oil and Gas Landman and let them know you have some land with an expired lease that has had a well drilled and plugged. He/she will know of activity around you and if there is any interest in it. Unless one has a large holding, several thousand acres and a lawyer to handle it, it is not that easy to job your own lease but if the person you call is not interested they may know of someone that is.
As far as a name is concerned, as it states in my profile, I am not involved in any part of leasing so I can't help you with that.


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