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I own 1/2 of the Mineral rights to 40 M/lL acres in Southwest Colo. The owner to the other half has been collecting lease money for several years. Am I entitled to any money based on the other parties lease?

Based on only the information you have given in your question, I would say the answer is likely yes.  And to help you collect what you may have coming to you, here are a couple of things you can do.

1. Find out the name of the company that is paying the other half mineral rights owner.  If that's not possible, go to the COGIS (Colorado Oil & Gas Information System)at the URL Click on "Production" and bring up the screen that will ask for identifying information, for you to locate the well(s) on your property and find out the name & address of the operator(s).  You will need to select the County, then enter the land description "calls" in the fields indicated.  For example, if your 40 acres is the SW/4 of the SW/4 of Section 15, Township 14 South, Range 4 East, you will enter "SWSW" in the "Qtrqtr" field, then "15" in the "Sec" field, then "14S" in the "Twp" field, and "4E" in the "Range" field.  The list that comes up should contain the well(s) currently producing on or including the 40 acre tract.

2.  Go to the Colorado State Unclaimed Property website at  Enter your name first and see what comes up, then enter the name of the previous owner of your 1/2 mineral interest from whom you acquired it.  If nothing comes up, enter the name of the owner before that one (usually these will be family members or ancestors).  It is entirely likely that when the well(s) began to produce, they did not find an address for you, and if a valid existing lease already covered your 1/2 mineral interest (signed by a previous owner), the payer would have been required by law to pay your revenues over to the State of their incorporation.  Which leads to 3. below.

3.  It's possible that the operator of the well(s) involving your property are not incorporated or domiciled in the State of Colorado.  Once you know the name of the operator of the well(s), look them up on the internet and call them and ask to speak to their division order analyst who handles wells in your County in Colorado.  Tell them who you are, tell them the name of the well they operate that you believe you should be receiving royalties from, and ask them to look at their records to determine why you are not being paid.  Ask them if any of your royalties have ever been "escheated" -- meaning, paid over to a State as unclaimed property.  Then ask them what State they are incorporated in.  You will know from their address on their website what State their offices are in which is where they are domiciled.  Then you will need to check the Unclaimed Property website for that State to see if you have any money waiting for you in your name, or the previous owner's name, or name before that (if you acquired this through inheritance).

Good luck, and feel free to follow up with any additional questions you may have once you begin this process.


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