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I am a royalty interest mineral rights owner on two Federal Indian  Land Patents that were issued to my great grandparents. My father recently passed, leaving me with the responsibility of taking care of the leasing agreements. When I contacted BP for copies of the leases on both properties, I was given a copy for only one property and it was signed by my grandfather in 1989. Recently a company has tried to get me to sign a lease for the other property,but it wasn't BP. So my question then is twofold. Is it legal for BP to be using a lease signed in the 1980's? And I know there are oil & gas wells on the other property, how do I get paid for my mineral rights on the other property?


Assuming that the transfers were recorded, you can obtain copies of the leases at your county clerk's office for that county.  Whether the lease is still in effect usually depends on whether production has continued, but, yes, a lease from the 80's may still be in effect.  You will need to contact the operators of the wells to get them to put the royalty checks in your name.  


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