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Oil/Gas/Correction lease?


Husband and I signed with Gulfport. Gulfport sent us a letter stating that the numbers on the lease were transposed. The letter is asking us sign and have noterized a correction and amedment form. My question is since it is, as it stands now really not a legal lease, are we able to renegotciate for a higher price per acre. The price per acre has gone up quite considerably. Thank you for your time.

The original lease is not valid if the legal description is incorrect, so you are right it needs to be corrected or they don't have a lease. Since you agreed to a certain bonus the first time I would honor that if it were me and just sign the correction lease, while making sure they don't slip anything untoward in there that wasn't in the first one.

You can ask for a higher bonus if you wish of course, but they may decide just not to lease you at all and will likely ask for their bonus money back if they paid you any. That's the risk you'd take by trying to renegotiate a bonus you already agreed to. They might go for it. They might not. Wish I could tell you how they'd react for sure. If they really did "lowball" you the first time, and you present evidence (i.e. you know of a neighbor that for sure got more) they might work with you, but you'd want to have something besides "hearsay" to present to them to support your argument for a higher bonus.

Hope this helps you out.
Frederick M. "Mick" Scott CMM RPL
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