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A major oil company drilled 2 gas wells on our property in Pecos County, TX 7 years ago about 500 feet apart.  One well is 22000 ft and has never produced as they lost drilling tools. They hit water in the other at 20,000 ft and it is a low producing gas well providing average of $100/month. Sometimes it doesn't produce for 2 months at a time then they start it back up. They are purposely tying up this property so we cant re-lease it. What options do we have.

You don't have any options outside of the provisions in the lease form you executed.  They probably have an exact number of days the well can be shut in before it has to be turned back on or released.  The other issue is that the Texas Courts have drawn a broad interpretation of the definition of a "commercially productive" well.  If a reasonably prudent company would continue to produce a well and the well continues to produce sufficient hydrocarbon to pay royalty then the courts will allow the operator to continue.

On the other hand many companies do not like being taken to court and if you were to hire someone to fight this or they must release the lease you may find a willing listener.

You may also review your lease agreement to determine when the primary term ended.  Once you have determined this you may look for "pugh clause" language to demand a release of acreage not in a unit (if there is any).

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