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Oil/Gas/Lost Mineral Lease


I own the minerals and surface on 640 acres.  The original Mineral Lease was signed by my grandfather in 1949.  The oil
company said they never had an Original Lease and the Oil Co. had bought had a 1950 Assignment of the Mineral Lease but they didn't have a copy of the Original Lease either.  They have drilled two wells and one is producing already with large production.
   I told the oil co. their mineral trespassing but they didn't care.  They did pay royalties but was incorrect and should have
paid much more.  No record of lease in Land Office.
I believe I'm entitled to 100% of the minerals for trespassing on
the first new well without Mineral Lease documentation.

Please advice me.  Thank you.
The first well was produced in 1966, but nothing from 1949 to 1966.   I have six wells on my land.


You may be right.  It would probably require some legal work, perhaps a lawsuit, to straighten this out.  If you are seeking legal representation, then please contact me privately by e-mail.  I would be happy to assist you.

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