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I have minerals in a unitized area in Alfalfa County Ok.  The total area is over 4000 acres, and was formed in 1963 and has been producing since.  I have interest in 4 different sections in this unitized area (700 acres) The area is unitized for production from the Pennsylvania formation only, and specifies Pennsylvania only on the orginal plan of unitization..  My question is , When they drill into Mississipian  and create 640 acre spacing units will a new lease need to be signed?  Will their be a bonus?  Will the royalty interest such as 1/8th, 3/16th be negotiable?

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I would have to review your original lease and the correspondence between you and the lessee in order to try to address this issue.  

If there is a clause that releases non-producing zones, then it would be clear that a new lease and bonus would be due.

If not, then this is something that often leads to litigation in which the royalty owner claims that the lease should be canceled as to the non-producing zones (which would lead to a situation requiring a new lease and bonus) or, alternatively, that  the lessee should be required to complete to the additional paying zones (no bonus, but probably less resistance from the lessee).

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