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What is the role of an electrical electronics engineer in the oil and gas industry

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At the exploration stage seismic equipment is all electronic and needs re-design and maintenance. At the drilling stage the drilling tools use telemetry systems to transmit formation information to the control units. Ditto the Re-design and maintenance. At the production stage the wells are operated and monitored in a control room similar to what one one see in an electric power plant which is another area of energy. The rigs that do the actual drilling of the wells are now computerized and again there is a demand for new design, upgrades and developing maintenance and operation procedures. Oil and gas production companies, companies that provide services and those that build the rigs and other equipment all use electrical/electronic controls now as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Most control units are built with redundancy and may use both types and in this case each must mimic the the other which is harder to do electronically than mechanically.
My issues of the Journal of Petroueum Engineering is full of papers by people with EE behind their name.


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