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Hi Cliff,

This is a basic concept question. Could you explain me the difference betweem Production and Sales Volume for a E&P Firm. I have observed that the Production Volumes are either greater than or equal to Sales Volume. Why is it that Sales Volume can be lesser than Production Volume. coz I believe whatever gets produced is sold off to the downstream company for refining. Does a part of the production volume get added to Reserves ?


There are very few reasons the two numbers would differ and they would only differ on natural gas. Oil will only differ if there is some kind of leak.  

On natural gas, the two possibilities that I am aware of are:

1.  The pump or other equipment is using natural gas to power the pump motor rather than electricity.

2.  The production amount is listed in MCF and the sales is based on BTU.  If the BTU rating of the natural gas is below the contract price the MCF's produced will be reduced to accommodate for poor (or rich) BTU amount of the gas.



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