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Oil/Gas/Mineral Ownership by tenants in common


Hello Chris, Here's the scenario...A brother (Bob) and sister (Sally) are each deeded surface ownership of different parcels of land, but the mineral rights are reserved. Then the mineral rights are given back to them as a whole on all the combined surface ownership properties, by tenants in common, each with 1/2 Und interest. Sally passes away and her husband (Jim) remarries (Joan). Here's the question. Does Joan have dower rights on the Mineral Rights? Does Sally's children have the mineral rights? If Both of Sally's children pass away and there is one granddaughter left and she sells the property without reserving the mineral rights, do they pass on to the new owner?

You have several different issues in here, of course...I am assuming that Sally passes away intestate and we are passing this interest by the default intestacy rules

1.  Each state is going to treat this issue differently.
2.  The specific conveyance from the past reserved mineral owner and how that conveyance is made will determine who is vested with interest.  
3.  Joan doesn't have dower rights to the minerals since you indicate that Sally has children.  Dower is like a life estate and Joan's children would need to have the remainder interest and they do not since you have indicated that Sally has children and a granddaughter.

If anyone conveys property and doesn't reserve minerals they pass to the new owner.

Step-children have no rights to property (in most states) unless they are vested the interest in a will

If Jim gets the property from the intestate distribution of Sally's personal and community estate and Sally and Jim have children together then Sally's/Jim's kids get the mineral and surface interest.

All of this depends on the state.  Each state has completely different rules and the info I've outlined is how this interest would be treated in Texas...some of these provisions would not apply in Colorado, for example.  Much of what you are asking also has to do with the exact words of grant in the referenced document.  


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