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When my Grandparents passed away,the 3 grand children (I am one)inherited mineral rights to a couple of places.As I understand the situation, The lease had ran out on a property and the company wanted to renew it. When the only other grandchild was contacted about a renewal and was asked about where I was, he claimed I didn't want contact with anybody. That he had a statement giving him the authority to handle any legal matters concerning me or any inheritance. My Grandparents attorney informed the company not to accept anything like that about me. He knows me personally and knows I would never sign anything like that for this brother. Since they weren't able to locate me, the lease ran out. When I was contacted by a family member about this lease, I contacted the attorney. I've also spoken to a man from the oil company who was handling the lease. I've been told that no new lease was signed. But I've located an application for permits to drill on the property. That's as far as I can get with the information. So, my question is - how can I find out if there is a new lease? I've tried the Records Dept. for Weld County, who states that I would have to go through the attorney for the company that's leased it. How am I suppose to do that - there shouldn't be a lease without my consent. I would appriciate any and all help and/or information you can provide.
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I have some unanswered questions about this.  You are leaving out a lot of details like who "the oil company" is, who applied for drilling permits and when in relation to the old lease, why the old lease "ran out."  You say they weren't able to contact you, but then a family member spoke to you about it and you contacted them.  I don't know why a landman would tell you no lease was signed on a property that apparently was in play, and then not offer to sign you up to a lease.  

However, from what you do say, it would be a good idea for you to contact the lessee and also whoever applied for drilling permits if it is a different company.  Make it clear to them that your brother is not authorized to act on your behalf, ask them to change their division orders to show you as a royalty interest owner if it is producing, and ask them for a copy of any offer, lease, and royalty payments relating to the property.  Ask them how they can apply for drilling permits if they don't have a lease.  


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