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What are the top frac ball manufacturers?

Thanks for using AllExperts and choosing me. However, I am wondering about your queries. It may be that you wish to invest in fracturing materials because it is a hot field. I don't know but a quick web search for fracturing PROPPANT or fracturing SAND or fracturing BEADS will cover you up with information. I have never Googled fracturing balls because I would not think to refer to it as balls.
Fracturing proppant for shallow wells is fine sand that is dug out of sand pits in a similar manner as gravel for road building or cement facilities and most are privately owned and the sand is processed by a supplier that buys the dirty sand from the sand pit and re-sells it to a fracturing service company (The proper term and the term used in engineering papers is Fracturing, not fracing or fraking#. Many have opened in the San Antonio, Texas area, so many in fact, that the San Antonio newspaper had a special article on it. I am sure a search will uncover this.
Deeper wells use a ceramic bead for proppant. The beads are as fine as sugar and are made from Bauxite. Most are made in China, some in Canada. A web search for "fracing ceramic proppant bead suppliers" will lead to a long list of suppliers # This is how I find them) that have links to the manufacturers. .
My profile states that I will not do a web search and in fact, I very seldom do. I consider it like doing someone elses homework but I know that this search term will lead to much information including a lot on how the beads work and even some illustrations as to their size.
If it is investment in companies that are doing this work that interests you,  you might also do some checking on the companies that do it such as Halliburton or Schlumberger.


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