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QUESTION: I have a company wanting to procure an Paid-UP oil and gas lease from me in North Dakota. I was not aware that my deceased aunt had this land in North Dakota, until I received the letter. It lists a 3 year lease with payment of $2,200 and 1/8 royalty  per month  paid quarterly if gas is found.
It lists the land parcel information, T 156 N, R 91 W/8: E 1/2 but I have no idea how to locate this land. I have spoken with a man at the company and have also faxed him a response. He has sent the same lease and draft to my brother who is  also an heir of my aunt. I have spoken with a lady at the County  Recorders office in ND regarding this. There is no mention of this land in my aunts will. It may have been willed to her from her father.

Is this a valid offer, do I have mineral rights and must I submit my SS#?
My thanks to you for whatever information you can provide.

You have an incomplete legal description.  There should be a section number and a county, also.  You would have to go to the courthouse and do a title search in order to determine the state of title and you would need the complete legal description to do that.  You have not provided enough details about the lease for me to know if it is a valid offer.

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