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My "family" (10 cousins from 6 families) own 3 sections (1 section & 2 half sections:  862 nma) of land in Reeves Co, TX.  One section of land (640 acres is state classified - we split any royalities/money with  the state), and the other two half sections we own the surface & mineral rights. On the two half sections of land we own we signed  producer 88 leases, which we found out later were bad leases to sign. Their is a high probability that we may see oil wells drilled in the next two years on the two half sections. We have come to find out that neither of the leases we signed protect us from environmental liability. We now are thinking we should as a "family" form some type of partnership such as an LLC, LLP, FLP, or any other recommended partnership to protect our liability if that is at all possible, and also lower our tax rate on any type of inheritance our children receive one day. CAN YOU SUGGEST WHICH TYPE OF PARTNERSHIP WOULD BE BEST TO FORM TO PROTECT OUR LIABILITY & TO LOWER THE TAX RATE ON INHERITENCE TAX?  Our primary concern is the environmental liabily issue first & foremost though

Also, if possible, can you explain the pro's & con's of the different types of partnership stated above or any other ones you might suggest to use. Would love any suggestions on this topic you may have.

Thank you.

I can only suggest that you get the advice of a competent attorney regarding the forming of any legal entity for the purposes of holding title to the mineral interests, to create limited liability.

However, I am quite curious as to why you believe your leases do not protect you from environmental liability?  Did an attorney tell you that?  And was it based on what is written (or omitted) in the lease contracts?  There are other protections outside the terms and conditions contained in any oil and gas lease, that severely limit the landowner's liability for environmental issues caused, directly or indirectly, by the Lessee.  So I would need to know the basis for your belief before I can comment further.


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