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Hi, William. My name is Jon and I'm a researcher for the CBS show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It's my job to make sure our show is as accurate as possible, and to achieve this goal, I often turn to experts here. I'm not sure how much you know about pipelines, but we're hoping you can offer your thoughts on our next episode. Even though this is probably the strangest request you've received on allexperts. Even your best guess is appreciated.

The story is this…
A pipeline has just started construction that will bring tar sands oil from Western Canada into America’s Heartland and cut right through Oregon. We have an eco-terrorist with a two-pronged attack: First, she'll succeed in blowing something up along the pipeline route (pump station, tank terminal, pipe?) and then subsequently try to blow something up in Portland. If the first attack sets pipeline construction back a few months, the second attack should set it back a year. Or more. Or at least, that’s her hope.

What are TWO VIABLE ATTACK TARGETS along these lines? The first attack can be anything or anywhere in a rural setting along the pipeline route. We’d love the second target to be located in a warehouse, port or someplace where no one need be around. It should be an important piece to the pipeline having to do with safety? Infrastructure? Technology?

In an absolute dream world, the first terrorist attack would result in the exposure of the second target. Like, if she hadn’t blown up the first thing, she wouldn’t have had a shot at blowing up the second thing.  But failing that, we’d love the second attack to be smart (like the one-of-a-kind, portable hydroprocessing unit or state-of-the-art pipeline rerouting mainframe that would be able to instantly recognize pipeline failure and just as instantly change the course of the oil or new, fancy pipes that are supposed to be un-bombable).

I hope this makes sense amd truly appreciate any help you can offer.



Hello Jon
First let me say how much I enjoy your programs. At least I did until you got rid if Grissom, Now I'm a Bones man.
Now to your question. I regret that I have absolutely no knowledge regarding transmission pipelines. operation of, building, or blowing up of. If you want to know why putting sugar in a gas tank does not work, I'm your man. However, disabling or destroying a pipeline is out of my area of expertise. And I have no interest in expanding my knowledge into that area.
I am honored that you would think that my knowledge in the field of petrochemical products brought me to your attention of your fine show(s).
My recommendation is to drop this particular field of inquiry. I am sure that your keywords have already brought you to the attention of the NSA.
Perhaps a nice show about a death by electrostatic shock by an overzealous oil filtration system that is not grounded?

William "Hawk" Howes SCILS, STLE.


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