I have a request to fill out & return a W-9 for an old (1989/previous owner)oil & gas lease. Should I do so? Will doing so renew the lease or something...?

An IRS Form W-9 will not renew, extend, or modify any existing, valid lease in any way.  A W-9 form is printed by the IRS and used by payers only for the purpose of verifying the tax identification number to be used for reporting to the IRS income paid to a taxpayer.  In the case of an individual person, the tax ID number is their Social Security Number.  For all others, the tax ID will be the Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by the IRS to a legally-formed entity (trust, corporation, partnership, etc.).

It sounds like the company asking you to fill out and sign a W-9 form has some money they are holding and they won't pay it to you until they can report it properly to the IRS.  That means being able to issue a 1099 income-reporting statement next January issued to you stating your Social Security Number or EIN on it.  Only that way can they safely take your royalty payments as a business write-off.

Only a legal document containing a granting clause (the signer "hereby grants, sells, conveys, lets and leases, and by these presents does hereby grant, sell, convey, let and lease" must be words in a granting clause), that must be notarized by a notary, can ever renew, extend, or modify any existing, valid lease.  The W-9 form doesn't have this language in it, and doesn't contain anywhere in it for a notary public to sign it (called an "acknowledgement").


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