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Trinity Petroleum trust has been around since 1955 and has no employees,but is listed on the otc bb.It's distributions have grown signifigantly over the last five years.I can not find out what tracts of land the company receives it's royalties from.Can you help me.The companies office is in Austin texas,but they have no employees and all the income gets distributed to the shareholders.Any insight would be very much appreciated.Thank you Rob

You mention that Trinity Petroleum is "listed on the otc bb".  I take this to mean they are a publicly-traded corporation.  I am absolutely no expert on SEC matters, so I don't know if a foreign corporation (the same Trinity Petroleum as headquartered in Queensland?) is required to file annual 10K reports with the SEC or not.  It depends on whether their stocks are traded here in the United States, I would think.

But this is the answer to your question: there is no way of knowing where they derive their income unless you have a 10K report to review. A prospectus would also be of great help. "Revenues" and "royalties" are not the same thing when talking about oil companies. If you know for sure that Trinity Petroleum only owns mineral rights interests in lands in the United States, and they rely on drilling wells and producing them from those lands that they hold deeds to, then yes, they receive royalties. But if they are actively engaged in participating in the drilling of wells on someone else's land by authority of an oil and gas lease agreement, then they only receive revenues from leasehold rights.

They could be receiving revenues from virtually anywhere.  The office in Austin is probably the address of the registered agent for the corporation in order for them to do business here in Texas.  So at least some of their revenues are coming from Texas operations.  Texas has 254 counties, and the revenues can be coming from any number of them.

Perhaps you can write to the agent's address and try to get a prospectus, and contact the SEC to see if you can get a 10K report.  The 10K report must state where their land holdings are, and how many gross and net acres they own that are eligible for drilling and producing.  Hope this answers your question.  Good luck.


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