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First, I would like to say I was impressed with your responses to other questioners.  
I am being offered an oil and gas mineral lease by a petroleum landman (R.K. Pinson @ Associates) on a 20 acre parcel, Section 4-19N-17W in Dewey County, Oklahoma.  Initial terms are 3 year lease, two year option; $125/acre;3/16 royalty;and no mention of lease bonus.  Not being at all familiar with the location, would appreciate your thoughts on this proposal and where I might find comparable property leasing terms.


Thank you for the compliment, I limit my questions on AllExperts only because I want to answer each one very carefully and that requires much thought.

As far as finding comparable leasing terms that is not information that is of public record so my recommendation would be to touch base with landowners in the same vicinity and see what their offers are.  

On the terms of your current lease offer you have indicated $125/acre - this is the lease bonus amount and I presume if the 2-year option is exercised, an additional $125/acre will be due.  However, Rodger, I feel the $125/acre is low and would recommend that you counter with:  $200/acre and 1/4th royalty.
Let them come back and counter with you - but let's see what their counter is.

It is always my recommendation never to accept the first offer out of the shoot - because typically you will not be made the highest offer the landman has approval for.

Best of luck and I hope this information assists you in receiving higher terms on your 20-acre tract.

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