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Mr. Scott:  I appreciate the opportunity to ask a few questions regarding proposed lease terms offered to my sister and I.  We own the minerals under eight acres in Section 32, One south, Four west of Carter county, Oklahoma.  Heller has offered (on behalf of B&W of Oklahoma City I think)125 per acre and a 3/16 royalty for a paid up three year lease.  Do you know the formation target and are the terms commensurate with others in the area?  Also I am not sure what a "no deductions" clause is but I do understand a depth clause.
thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours

I would also check with Continental Resources, as they are leasing in some of the adjacent sections this year. Also RD Williams. Both probably have Oklahoma offices. One or both of them might also be leasing for B&W. You can call and ask them.

Depending on the formation and spacing (you'd need to ask them) I would think you could get more than $125/acre. There have been several forced-poolings in the area recently. One, in 7-1S-4W was for $1500/acre and 3/16 royalty, which indicates leases were also averaging that amount. This was a pooling for the entire section however, so if B&W is only planning on drilling a shallow well on a smaller spacing (i.e. 80 acres, 160 acres etc.) then what they offered you might be more in line with the current rates. I would check with them, and also mention the forced-pooling above and that you area aware of some others that are pending in this township.

Most of the activity is in the northern part of the township (you are in the southern part) so you might not be able to get as much as you would if you were several miles north. Most of the poolings and drilling permits in this township recently have been for wells spaced at 640 acres and include the Woodford as one of the formations being pooled.

Another forced-pooling done in March of this year in 19-1S-4W (by Marathon Oil Company) was for $1300/acre and 3/16 royalty. It was also for the entire section.

If you are not in great need of the bonus money I would consider waiting until they force-pool the unit they are leasing. The pooling will give you several options for bonus and royalty to choose from, and should be in line with what others have been receiving. The risk in waiting for a pooling is that they may decide not to pool the unit, therefore you would miss out on this round if they don't move forward with pooling.

If you have any more questions you can contact me at the Mineral Hub website below. The "Mineral Hub News" page also has an article on oil and gas leasing tips you might find helpful.

Hope this helps you out.
Frederick M. "Mick" Scott CMM, RPL
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