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I inherited a Cabot Oil & Gas lease from my mother.  I am having trouble finding much information about the property.  I have the lease #350-299-01, the owner #409-537 and the name of Smith 1. Can you help me?  I would like to the lease and/or the deed.  Thanks

Forgive me if I seem to be stating the obvious, but I would suggest trying to locate Cabot Oil & Gas. I just Googled th myself and found this website They have an online Royalty Owner Inquiry form there. I'd fill that out with the data you supplied me as a start.

They may use a purchaser, such as I work for, that they may need to put you in touch with. They may be your end line. You didn't say if you are being paid royalties or just want the data.

If you are not being paid; you will likely need to produce recorded probate documentation that would show you are the new record title owner of the mineral rights / royalties. If you are just looking for lease info, purchasers often don't have leases but operators may. I hope this is of some use.  


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I can answer oil and gas division order questions. I am most knowledgeable about as the purchaser side of the oil and condensate production. I can offer suggestions regarding probate and basic transfers of working, override, and royalty interests. DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer. I have seem and know what my company for instance accepts pertaining to these matters. Being from the purchasing end (and not the operator side) I do not have much experience with calculations or valuing property or minerals. I do not deal with acquisitions, exploration, or development of leases either.


I am a Division Order Analyst with a crude oil purchaser. I have worked in the division order and customer relations departments for the past 9 with a first purchaser. My company purchases and transports oil for operators and we make revenue distributions on their behalf. I analyze division order title opinions, prior purchaser pay sheets, probate, and other conveyances related to the set up and modification of pay decks (divisions of interest) in leases (wells) of oil around the county. I have been involved in the set-up of our contract pay leases in conjunction with our marketing and regulatory departments.

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