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Dwayne Moholitny wrote at 2009-02-25 01:22:40
Hey Steve,

Finally, someone else who's heard the song 'Picking Flowers' but is unable to place the singer. I had the original 78RPM but unfortunately, I sat on it & snapped the vinyl in two. The lyrics I remember read as follows: '... picking flowers, one by one, picking flowers, at the set of Sun, of all the flowers, my choice is you, you are the flower, that makes dreams come true ...' Unfortunately, that's all I can remember but, knowing someone else's heard the same ditty, makes my happy.

best to you, Dwayne

Selina Parsons wrote at 2012-06-03 01:19:31
"Picking Flowers" artist was Canadian artist Keray Regan.  Found this out on FB  I spent a lot of time trying to find this song and the lyrics.  I now have the words.

Woody Baker wrote at 2012-12-20 18:28:05
Money, Marbles and Chalk is the flip side of another famous record that I cannot remember the title of. That song was very popular. I know Jimmy Dean recorded this song as did Patti Page. But the version I remember was from a deep-voiced singer along the lines of Jim Reeves or someone who sing like him. For some reason Morrison rings a bell but surely not sure.  

Elena wrote at 2014-12-30 22:37:35
This is for the person who was looking for the lyrics to the song "Picking Flowers". My mother has an old faded book from the late 60-early 70 and the song is in there.

I picked a flower form the land i love, I thought the flower was from heaven above,but I awaken and with a start,to find that flower near another heart.

Picking flowers one by one, picking flowers at the set of sun,of all the flowers my choice is you,you are the flower that made my dreams come true.

I picked a flower in the month of june, that lovely flower had a tender bloom, it's color faded and lost it's hue, that lovely flower  had been untrue

That' all i have


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