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Marilee S. wrote at 2013-03-31 04:49:31
I listened to the commercial on and here's what I came up with:  Whadda you want when you gotta eat sumn' and it's gotta be sweet and itís gotta be a lot and you gotta have it now......whaddaya want?

Lip smackiní, whip-crackiní, paddy-whackin', Ink-a-knackin', (two phrases that I canít understand), Cracker Jackiní.....Cracker Jack.  

What do you get when you open the top and look inside and smack your lips and turn it over and spill it out? Whaddaya get?

Lip smackiní, whip-crackiní, paddy-whackin', alluvus-snackiní, Ink-a-lackin', (a phrase that I canít understand), Cracker Jackiní.....Cracker Jack.  Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize; that's what you get in Cracker Jack.


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