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Oldies/1930's -1940's song.. Maybe??


Veranda wrote at 2011-08-03 20:11:41
It could be From The Bottom of My Heart by Dean Martin. The lyrics don't match exactly, but they're pretty close. "What more can I say, since you went away, I just couldn't hide my pride." Also, the song sounds like it's 30s/40s, but it's actually from the sixties. Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but it might be it. Here's the full lyrics:

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I love you

Even though you broke my heart

I still love you

What more can I say

Since you went away

I just couldn't hide my pride

Truly dear, oh how I cried

From the bottom of my heart, Dear

I miss you

I would give my very soul

Just to kiss you

Please come back to me

Hold me tenderly

Take me in your heart again

Be mine my love, forever

Dammi, dammi, dammi tanto amore

Fammi, fammi, fammi questo favore

Dolce come tu è la gioventù

Primavera sei per me

Vieni su fammi saper

dammi, dammi solo un pò di speranza

Un bacin da te per me è bastanza

Ma se nel tuo cor' puoi trovar ancor

Un pò piu d'amor, amor,

Be mine, my love forever.

(From the bottom of my heart)

filcharlee wrote at 2015-08-16 18:28:57
The song is in fact "What More can I Say". There are versions on YouTube by Flanagan and Allen, and by Max Bygraves  


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