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Oldies/looking for lyrics to song a dementia client sings please


linz 1982 wrote at 2012-09-12 12:35:37
My 18 month little boy is now singing this song. His grandma sings to to him when she is getting him ready for bed. Its a song that her grandma taught her when she was a little girl.  

Ron H-W wrote at 2015-06-12 09:33:59
(sorry this is so late, but I hope it will help!)

After the "What are you waiting for now?", very often there is a (male, spoken) interjection "John Bradbury".

This will need explanation for those who are not yet centenarians.

The treasury (rather than the Bank of England) issued notes for about 14 years from 7th August 1914. The first ones were signed by John Bradbury, and the notes became known as "Bradburys", even though from 1919 (i.e. most of them) were signed by Warren Fisher.

See e.g. and

So the young man felt he did not yet have the financial resources to take that step, i.e. he was too "skint".


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