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jodi wrote at 2009-03-07 18:28:14
I cant find this song anywhere either my mom and aunt are around the same age they both remember the song but dont know the name of the artist

mgmpresident wrote at 2011-07-30 12:02:56
"Teddy Bear can I share a secret with you.  Please don't tell Mickey Mouse cause I'll just die if you do.  Teddy Bear I'm in Love, you better not tell."  I think the name is Teddy Bear I'm in Love you better not tell......cause they repeat that several times throughout the song and back then that usually was the title of the song that was repeated over and over.  Don't know who sang it.  I thought it was a girl voice but it could be younger guy.  I am age 53.

Lois J wrote at 2011-08-05 23:04:11
I remember the song from the Bay Area listening to KDIA Oakland, CA when I was a pre-teen, the artist was Reggie Garner, but I can not find a record of the song... It was as as Francis Kaye remembers, Teddy Bear can I share a secret with you...please don't tell Mickey Mouse,'cause I'll just die if you.... Teddy Bear I'm in love you better not tell.... I would sing this to my son and tell him about this song... I would love to find a recording of this song.

AppleOfHisEye wrote at 2011-08-27 09:08:17
I have been looking for the lyrics to this song for several years now. My sister used to love this song and played it over and over. I wanted it for her 50th birthday three years ago and was never able to find it. Good luck in finding it...I'll keep searching.

Glenn Davis wrote at 2011-12-11 16:09:00
Go to You tube type in Reggie Garner capitol records. This is where you will find the record " Teddy Bear" (I'm In Love You Better Not Tell) by Reggie Garner. It is not titled right on You Tube, but copy this link and paste it to your browser and it will take you to the sight. I tried to find this song for years and I know that others have tried to do the same. It was posted by MrSLEEPS45. So here it is, enjoy it and let the memories flow.


Friend of Reggie's wrote at 2015-02-23 06:17:56
It's called Teddy Bear and it's by Reggie Garner. He lives right here in Houston,Texas. He is a close friend of my husband. I love the song as well and can remember going to see him at a concert here in Houston back in the 70's. He actually sanged at my mom's funeral. Love this guy!


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