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mr.dowop wrote at 2009-07-27 17:30:37
Hi Judy,

There is another version of "Because Of You"  by the DREAMERS from 1961 on Cousins records #1005, it's a bit uptempo, but nice !!



Nicky wrote at 2011-06-11 02:32:22
Rome and Paris, I have the acetate copy of Because of YOU ... Nicky

Zoe Webster wrote at 2012-08-16 16:14:55
The song was from a 1940's film called 'I was and American Spy'. I am trying to get past Tony Bennett too. It was written by Arthur Hammerstein but that is as far as I have got. Sorry but you may have a bit more luck with the extra info....

Phil wrote at 2014-09-18 15:29:17
This song was done by two a and R guys in NY, then they issued it on 20th Century Fox in 1964' it was re  released in 1966 and was a hit in some markets, it was top 10 in Pittsburgh on ABC affilate KQV, but is mostly know as an oldie even when it was new, a common occurrence by dance DJ's who were always playing obscure songs or newly released but not on station play lists as oldies. The guys were not Rome and Paris, Jerry something .


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