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Oldies/"My Baby's Coming Home"


Ambros Prechtl MA ND PhD wrote at 2014-06-09 17:43:17
Yes, my baby's coming home tomorrow.  Thinking about it I felt a memory stirring, "... when (s)he arrives tomorrow, (s)he banish all my sorrow...."  Went searching for it cuz memory was fuzzy.  Had trouble finding it but finally found it on youtube along with YOUR precise info.

Dankshoen... merci beaucou... muchas gracias... tante grazie... efcharisto poly... gratias tibi ago... thanks a mill... :)

I am a retired linguist, who speak and have taught all these languages -- in Europe, in Africa, in Saudi Arabia, in the Philippines and in Canada, high school and university.

I'll play the song for you on my flute hoping you'll get the vibes across cyberspace.


Ambros Prechtl  BA MA ND PhD  


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