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Oldies/Latin-flavored Top-40 pop hit from the '70s


Bill wrote at 2012-12-01 11:46:11
Hey Dave!  Man you really pulled that one out of thin air!  Way to go!  I've heard that song twice in the last 2 days on internet radio ("That 70's Station" out of Phoenix) and remembered it from around 72 or so. Drives me nuts they don't list artist and title, tho I know almost all of them. But sometimes I get stumped by a song I really liked but only heard a few times in the dim dark past. Anyway, I finally found your great answer here. I thought they were singing "mamacito" and only came up with new rap 'stuff' when I googled so it's been a long strange trip, indeed, to wind up here. Thank you for your knowledge. Now I can groove to this great song whenever I desire!

ctetc wrote at 2014-01-07 01:39:29
Suavecito!  Thank You!  I could not find the title. yay


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