Hi Lou..I tried to ask this question awhile back ..you must have been on vacation when I first asked you.I am hoping you can help me identify the artist of a song back in the early 50's or late 40's.I  think the name of the song is: " DON'T CALL MY NAME " it was sang by a female artist on a 78 record.I do recall some of the lyrics...I hope the lyrics help somewhat:Here go's......" don't call my name no,don't call my name, oh lord above forgive me please,don't call my name." This is all I can  recall of the words,I think it may have been the chorus to the song. Not sure though....Lou please let me know one way or the other, if you can  help me with this, please keep in mind I am not 100% sure that the title is correct it may be something close to that... Thank you for your help.  Bonnie

Hi Bonnie,

There was a song out in 1953 called "Don't Call My Name" performed by a woman named Wendy Waye and another version done by Helene Dixon. Here is a link to the sheet for sale:

Unfortunately, we can't look inside to see if the lyrics match yours.

You can actually buy the 78 rpm record, too, if you have a player:


I wish I remembered the song and could help you more.

Thanks for asking,



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