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Wondering if you know ANYTHING about the Don Juans. Not the 5 Dollars Don Juans. The ones that recorded for Onezy.

Rich- The only one thing I was able to find is that they recorded "The Girl Of My Dreams" as the A side and "Dolores" as the B side of Onezy #101. I am sure you are looking for more info but I hope this helps. Have a great New Year! Oldies rock!!! Stu


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I have been an expert on the oldies for many years, having grown up in that era and accumulating a rather large record collection. My greatest expertise is in the areas of Doo Wop and the music of the 60`s. What I do not remember I can usually find in my vast collection of music source books.


I have been one of the most reliable sources of oldies information on another well-known site.

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