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I found your page for this song and 'thank you', yours is the best.
However I remember the beginning of this song as:

I stood by the window in the morning of the day
and I said to myself: Be happy while you may
for a ????????? (roughly 2 lines)

Then came totally your rendition of the lyric.
It was a woman singing and I just cannot remember who?
I am Danish, live in London which is where I must have heard it many years ago, probably on TV.
Suddenly thought of Val Doonigan, but still think it was a woman singing it.

Please, can you help?
Regards, Hanne.

Thanks for the glowing recommendation. I hope you didn't confuse me with someone else. I can't positively identify the song but I do know there was a song in the '80s called Turn Around by Bonnie Tyler. That song is subtitled A Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Not a bad song.


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I have a good general knowledge of oldies rock and roll, traditional country and some pop music up until the late '60s and especially pre British invasion stuff. Automotive songs are a specialty of mine and I love Doowop and R&B oldies.


I had my own radio program on a local volunteer station, CJSF, from 2001-03, in which I played automotive related music from my own collection as well as spoke about the latest old car shows in my area. I'm also a singer/songwriter with 3 songs recorded on CD and many more I'd like to record.

I'm a member of S.O.C.A.N. and a local old car club, Lions Gate Model A Ford Club. I'm also a past member of the Pacific Bluegrass & Heritage Society as well as a songwriters group.

My writing appeared for 16 years in a national Canadian newspaper called Old Autos, published twice monthly. In it, I published stories on every automotively related song I knew of. For instance I did an extensive article on the many group names which took their names from car makes and models,

Pop and rock music history was taught as a part of the radio broadcasting course I took at B.C.I.T.

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