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Oldies/Rare (?) Jimmy Durante 45?


Bill wrote at 2012-05-06 05:41:54
Hi janette I wanted to let you know that is a rare record but if the pic sleeve is not with it its not worth as much the sleeve is worth more that the record to be honest.I had one last year that I sold to aguy in new york and it had the sleeve with it.a collector of jimmy will prob give you 100 for it but then maybe not its hard to say.I have prob owned 3 of them in the last few years and they went from 50 to 100.if you are interested in selling I am interested in buying.ive sold my copy of it and will buy another when one comes available.thanks for posting your story.its a nice little treasure if you like durante and I do.

William wrote at 2013-11-09 18:02:46
it wasnt recorded twice for the record only once.they are exactly the same.I own both pressings on 45 50's and 60's they are the one in the was rerecorded for the movie soundtrack lp but it was never pressed on 45 rpm.


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