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I started taping in 1960 and have been able to identify all the songs - except one: Itīs in my ear, unfortunately I cantīt sing it for you, young male singer with a soft and lamenting voice singing "... and then and then I smile again", I taped it in 1960 so I guess it is from then (or perhaps 1959). Itīs soft (like "Teenager in Love" or "Dream Lover"). Hope you can give me a clue, youīre my last hope.

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Hello Mainard,

I can't think of a song with the lyric "and then I smile again". Of course, there is the 1940's standard, "I'll Never Smile Again" which was redone in the 50's by various vocal groups but it doesn't have that exact lyric that you've asked about.
I did think of one by a male with a soft voice...Jim Reeves. He did a song called "There's That Smile Again" on the B-side of a 1965 single called "This Is It", also on his "Distant Drums" album. It was released after his death. I don't think you could have heard it in 1960, however.
Here is a link to a free play of that song. See if, by any chance, it's the song you seek and let me know.


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