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Hello, I'm a Belgian fan of your site. A find the song : The Platters : I Believe
Are you sure it's from The Platters ?
If yes, can you tell me witch year it was recorded and on witch album of single a can find it.

Many thanks (sorry for my poor english)


Hi Nicolas,

Many vocal groups recorded "I Believe". The most popular is the a capella rendition by The Earls, which you can find on the internet and hear for free.
The Platters did record "I Believe" in 1963 for their album "Christmas With The Platter" on Mercury Records. Some groups using the Platters name have re-recorded the Christmas songs but if you buy vinyl, you can find the original and transfer it to CD. The cover should show the members of the group sitting around a Christmas tree. The cover has a white border.
You can find copies of this LP for not much money on the web.

Thanks for asking,



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