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My grandfather sang a song which included the following chorus:  "When they ask you what your name is, boy, tell 'em it's Malloy.  Where's the blame, there's no shame in an Irish name, me boy.  If they ask you where you come from, tell 'em friend or foe by Killarney's lakes and fells, the land where the shamrock grows." My mother, who is 82,  would certainly love to have the words and music if at all possible as she remembers her dad singing this particular song.  Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Louella. I have PARTY of your answer for you. The song's actuall Published title is "

When They Ask You What Your Name Is (Tell ’Em It’s Molloy):  Written by

Harry Castling & Fred Godfrey — London in 1908 : Francis, Day & Hunter; Melbourne: Allan’s, 1908.

I couldnot find the lyric but found that thwere were two recodings made in Englad in 1912.

They are:
Recordings: Harry Cove as “B. Garland” (Clarion 572) [cylinder]; Stanley Kirkby (Columbia-Rena 2001, 1912)

I'm not sure where you'd find the records but the sheet music might be for sale frok an antique dealer though sooooooooooooo much sheet music was produced.


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