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QUESTION: well i explain you, at the root of crime story on television , the music list is the same that you can find in imdb, that 's is the original songs , than in 2003 they released a dvd and then they have changed some songs, but don"t worry any fan  who bought the dvd they know or noticed about songs, thepilot version that i sent you , it came from another country not usa, everybody have a usa version of crime story ,so don't worry , people will know what you taking about, i visited the forum today i did not see any comments of you. well will see later

ANSWER: Yes, I understand about the different versions.  I was only surprised that they moved our ghost song to a different episode.  My entry on the Forum is the latest/last entry, under the name "johnnyc."

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QUESTION: i saw your comment on forum , i red that we want identifie a female singer? are your sure a bout female ? i always thought that was a black male singer, well maybe you 're right i don"t know, by the way did you listen the song until the end on the war episode? when he or she singing at the end with that dirty longa or something i can t understand

Thank you for the rating.  I guess it could be a male singer.  After listening again I still believe it is female, but will expand my research to include males.  On my copy of the War episode the song tales off at the same point as on your Russian version.  I will be asking around at record stores and among friends.  By the way, I am in Minnesota, USA.


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