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QUESTION: maybe you can find a soundtrack of crime story in rare stores, i know it's was released in 1986 but since 1987 there no more copys, maybe you can find , who knows, by the way there is another music i am looking for on crime story on pilot when pauli is eating and cops came to ask his some question,it's on 26 minute it's kind of rock bluesy song without lyrics without singer , i guess it's a rodd rundgren's work but i am not sure , maybe you can try ,

ANSWER: I have done a search on line and also in local stores for the CD or LP record.  No Luck. I'll keep looking.  I'll watch the pilot again when I have time to hear the instrumental that you refer to.  I'll let you know.

I had one answer on the Forum, but it's no help.

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QUESTION: hello sad news dennis farina just passed away, oh my god, i am feeling so bad, just wanna cry, 69 years old , just like you, i have tears on my eyes, how it can be possible, over 25 years i know this actor from crime story, always liked him, he was a good actor, nice man, jesus i am so sad, i learned a news on the forum where you left a comments, wanted to see any other comments, and then i see farina is dead, for god sake, really i don't care a bout this ghost song now, i just wanna cry you know

ANSWER: Yes, this was terrible news. I always liked him as a person and an actor.  I associated with his Sicilian background, and he was almost exactly my age.  A great loss.  The last time I took an entertainer's death as personally as this was Johnny Maestro, lead sing of the The Crests and The Brooklyn Bridge, doowop singing groups.  May DF rest in peace.


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QUESTION: finally we never gonna get this song, you have to comment again on site beacause of death of farina , there are too many comments and our question is   in the middle.

I see that there are 8 or 10 posts about DF after mine about the music.  I don't want to post the question again just to get it to the top of the list.  That is considered poor etiquette in Forums. Frankly, I don't think that anyone knows the answer, and it may be that this was a piece of music just written for the show, not commercially available.  If an answer ever exists, I will find it.  I have left the question in many places with many people.  Let's give it some time.  


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