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QUESTION: hello how are you? any news about the song? i supose there is nobody  for answer.

ANSWER: Nothing new.  I fear this will remain a mystery.  I'll add it to my "mystery list" and I'll let you know if anything ever turns up.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello john how are you? so , long time no see lol, well about my ghost i just accepted that i will never find it, so just foget it. i have another song to find , this time i know who s singing, but hard to find , it's frank musker, stealy man, from soundtrack Grandview, U.S.A. and another song by Jim Gilstrap , the name of song, take a stand, from soundtrack men's club 1986 with roy scheider, will appricate your help if you find it. thanks

Hello, Alexandre.

Neither song has ever been issued commercially.  There are several songs by both artists available, but not these songs.

The Frank Musker song is Steely Man (note spelling.)  Best way to hear it is on the DVD of Grandview USA.

The Jim Gilstrap song is Taking A Stand (note Taking.) The best way to hear it is on a used VHS tape of The Men's Club, available at Amazon.



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