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QUESTION: hello it's again me, i discovered a site http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/any-fans-of-crime-story.250350/ they are many people asking about a music, the problem is that i can't creat an account, imposible to sign up, maybe you can do it , and ask somebody or just put the message maybe somebody knows something.

ANSWER: I joined the forum and posted the question.  I also played that episode on my DVD set and the song plays at the very beginning of the episode. Your clip starts with applause, so I was guessing that it would be a night club scene, but it is not.  I don't notice the applause on the video.  There are no music credits on the episode, except that Todd Rundgren does the music.  This song is not in his style, though.  

Let's see if someone responds on the form.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i took it from crime story pilot russian version, very rare edition i supose, right here http://youtu.be/-ftMbQLMohc at 1 : 04 hour

Now I'm really confused.  Now I can hear the applause at the beginning of the song as the couple starts to dance.  This is obviously a different episode than the "War" episode that I watched last night, which played the same song clip at the beginning.  It looks like they have moved the music all around. I have not watched the pilot for a quarter-century, so I don't know what it looks and sounds like on my set.  I will watch one of these days.  We can only hope some day they will reissue a better set, but I doubt it.

I'll continue to monitor the Forum, and also as I come across similar sounding singers I will research their catalogue.



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