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QUESTION: what was the GROUP that sang For Baby (For Bobbie) by John Dener

ANSWER: Hi Helen,

John was a member of The Mitchell Trio, well before his solo success. On Side Two of their 1965 album, "Violets Of Dawn", they recorded the first ever version of "For Bobbi", a song that John had composed in honor of his first love, a girl he'd met when she lied about her age and snuck into a folk club. I believe it did not have the additional "e" at the end of the name when first published.
It didn't pick up the "For Baby" title until a year later, when Peter Paul & Mary recorded it on their album called "The Peter Paul & Mary Album" (not a very adventuresome name for an LP!)

John recorded it on his own in 1972 for the Rocky Mountain High set.

I don't have the original 1965 Mercury Records release but here is a reunited Mitchell Trio singing their arrangement, to show you how it originally sounded 50 years ago.


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QUESTION: Thanks for your info, but the group I "accidently stumbled" across and was actually looking for was the Sand Pipers version of For Baby. Do you have that version?

Hi again Helen

The Sandpipers did the song on their debut album, simply entitled The Sandpipers, on A&M records in the spring of 1967. It was also on a single, on the flipside of their version of La Bamba that same year.

Here is the audio:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycbbSQ0th0s

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